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John-in-Houston PR featured Al Staehely in his weekly music-industry-insider newsletter.  In his article, John recalls his favorite interview moment - Al's enthusiasm as he spoke of his times playing with drummer Cozy Powell, to Radio X Brussels reporter Paul Heath (listen to the interview below this post).  

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My Favorite Interview Moment (you're gonna love this)

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My Favorite Interview Moment
A Session With Al Staehely & Paul Heath

Well there we were in rocker Al Staehely’s home with Radio X Belgium’s CEO Paul Heath.  The setting was cordial, warm, and comfortable.  We were there to capture Al’s experiences beginning with how he got started and moving on to how Al became the front man with the famous rock group “Spirit”.  Paul, the consume’ interviewer, had set up his equipment and we had begun.  Almost immediately it became crystal clear that we had hit pay dirt as we became audio witnesses to not just a biography but a really cool intimate glimpse into the era itself.  So the interview begins and Al and Paul are moving along at a really nice pace.  Then it happened.  Al was so caught up in the excitement of what had happened back then that he dropped the F bomb.  He was reminiscing about the world famous rock drummer Cozy Powell and how Cozy had his road team assemble the drums at Al’s Malibu home in California so that they could discuss the possibility of Cozy joining the band.  Well let me just say that I cannot do justice in writing to what the microphone captured that day so without further adieu here’s the clip, you’re gonna love this....

Paul Heath (left) interviews world renowned front man Al Staehely as Al shares insights into an era that includes Keith Moon, Don Henley, and Cozy Powell.  Listen as Al talks about the famous clubs on Sunset Strip and the legendary rock personalities back then including visiting the famous hotel where Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix resided in those days. 
Click here to listen to the complete interview on Mixcloud
The photo to the right is a group photo that includes Spirit members
back row left - John Staehely, back row right - John Locke. Front row left - Cozy Powell and front row right - Al Staehely. Cozy Powell had been playing drums in London when he and Al talked about Cozy joining Spirit.  Cozy finished recording in London and then joined Al and John in Malibu California to see how it might go if they joined up together.  The rest is history as they say...

Here Al is visiting with the famous rock manager and music advocate Ron Stone.  Mr. Stone managed the rock group Spirit when Al and John were key members of the band.  Ron Stone has managed so many successful world famous artists that to list them all would require a very large document. To name a few: Bonnie Raitt, Nirvana, and Tracy Chapman.
The Official Al Staehely Website
For more photos visit Al on Instagram
Al Staehely Show Dates
Below - Al meets up with long time friends Mark Singer
and Kenny Jones at Mark's wedding party in the U.K.
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As the final piece on Radio X reporter Paul Heath’s recent trip to Texas in the USA – looking at the music scene – from the Blues music trail to the South by South West music festival; Paul’s final feature has him track down American musician, Al Staehely – who, having made his professional name in the music industry with American rock band ‘Spirit’ looks back over a career spanning more than 40 years.

In this exclusive, at-home-interview, this get-together with Al Staehely delves into his past and now present, giving us a glimpse into this still-performing talent’s life and times, and some of his memories – from then to now…

Be especially sure to listen out for the story about Keith Moon; and when legendary drummer Cozy Powell turned up, and the bit about Don Henley with the Eagles!


1.14.2014 / Live at Mucky Duck, Hou, Tx

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